Comparing credit cards made easy

Finding the best credit card is easier than ever. Use our points calculator to find the best rewards and frequent flyer credit cards, and see how much you could save with a 0% purchase, balance transfer or no annual fee credit card.
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Compare credit cards

Best 0% purchase credit cards and reviews
0% Purchase
Shop now and save
on interest during the
introductory 0% p.a. period
Best balance transfer credit cards and reviews
Balance Transfer
Move your debt to a new card
and save money during the
interest free period
Best frequent flyer credit cards and reviews
Frequent Flyer
Turn everyday spending into frequent
flyer points. Redeem points for flights,
upgrades & more
Best low interest credit cards and reviews
Low Interest
Affordable everyday
credit cards with lower than
average purchase rates
Best no annual fee credit cards and reviews
No Annual Fee
Save on card costs with no
annual fee during the introductory
period or the life of the card
Best rewards credit cards and reviews
Earn points on everyday spending for
a wide range of rewards, from gift
cards to cashbacks

Why compare with us?

Comparing cards made easy

With innovative credit card calculators and comparison features, it’s now easier to see how credit cards really stack up against each other. Our comparison tools help you calculate how much you could save on interest or how many rewards points you could earn, making comparing credit cards a breeze.

Detailed credit card reviews

Thanks to our expert credit card reviews and detailed card summaries, you can weigh up credit card pros and cons before you apply. Discover our credit card tips and tricks to learn how to make your card work for you.

How to find the best credit card

With so many credit cards to choose from, the first step to finding the best card is figuring out what matters most to you. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of rewards programs or earn more frequent flyer points, save on annual fee costs or get a bit of breathing room with a balance transfer card, our credit card comparisons make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Frequent flyer credit cards

Perfect for those who like to travel, frequent flyer credit cards help you earn frequent flyer points on your everyday spending. Take your everyday purchases further with a Qantas or Velocity frequent flyer credit card, so you can redeem your frequent flyer points for flights, upgrades and more.

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Rewards credit cards

Want to maximise your points on rewards like cashbacks, gift cards or shopping? Get more bang for your buck with a rewards credit card, which allows you to earn points on your daily purchases. Treat yourself to a gift card for your favourite store or go for something more practical like a fuel voucher. Reap the rewards sooner by comparing our best rewards credit cards today.

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Balance transfer credit cards

Interest charges weighing you down? Take back control with a balance transfer credit card and give yourself a little more breathing room. A 0% balance transfer credit card lets you transfer your debt to a new card and helps you save money on interest charges with 0% interest offers for up to 26 months. Find out how much you could save by comparing our top balance transfer offers now.

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0% purchase credit cards

Want to buy yourself something special or have big expenses coming up? With a 0% purchase credit card, you can spend now and pay no interest on purchases for up to 15 months. We help you calculate how much you could save, so finding the best 0% purchase credit card is easier than ever.

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No annual fee credit cards

Want to save on credit card costs? With no annual fee during the promotional period, or sometimes even the life of the card, no annual fee credit cards are a great way to have an everyday credit card without the overheads. Compare our top no annual fee credit cards now.

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Low interest rate credit cards

Is your credit card accruing interest? You might benefit from a credit card with a low ongoing interest rate for your everyday purchases. By reducing the amount of interest you pay on your card each month, you could use those savings to pay off your debt sooner. Find a competitive low interest rate credit card today.

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