HSBC Credit Cards

Are you looking for the best HSBC credit card offers? Discover our range of HSBC credit cards online today. Whether you’re looking for the HSBC Platinum credit card or the HSBC Qantas credit card, we’ve got you covered.

Purchase Rate
A purchase rate is the standard interest rate that applies to purchases on the card. Some balance transfer cards may charge interest on the entire balance if a new purchase is made. A promotional purchase rate may apply to purchases for a set period of time. After the promotional period ends, the interest rate will revert to the purchase rate indicated and standard interest-free period of the card.
Balance Transfer
The balance transfer offer refers to the interest rate applied to the balance transfer amount for a set period of time. Other transactions are subject to the purchase rate. Offers may include a balance transfer fee and are generally only available when transferring from a different credit card provider. Click here for a list of banks and restrictions.
Annual Fee
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