Our Story

Compare the Card was launched in 2020 by Vas and Maya, two Aussie jetsetters who love luxury travel hacks and wanted to share their tricks on making the most out of frequent flyer programs and travelling the world in style without breaking the bank.

A seasoned first and business class traveller, Vas first got a taste of the high-flying life during his executive role leading Global Travel, Credit Card & Expense for a Fortune 10 company, which had him flying to the US and back every couple of months. While the jet lag was a killer, the perks were amazing and he quickly began to amass a small fortune of frequent flyer points.

Maya, a digital marketer and Instagram content creator with a passion for travel, saw an opportunity to use those points to come along for the ride and quickly got into the points hacking game to supplement the points they earned travelling. Taking advantage of credit card sign up bonuses, the pair amassed over 2 million frequent flyer points, which they used to fund luxurious business class trips all around the world, jetsetting from St Tropez, Capri and Milan to Hawaii, New York and Los Angeles.

Key to their success was their ability to select the best credit cards. They achieved this by building a methodology and analysing the intricacies of credit card offers, comparing sign up bonuses and points earnings potential against annual fees and spend requirements to see which would be the most lucrative. They found it frustrating that there weren’t any comparison sites that accurately crunched the numbers and actually compared the cards. The idea for Compare the Card was born.

Their vision was to distil the complexity of credit cards and create a consumer-centric site where users wouldn’t have to get out their calculators to find out the most rewarding credit card offers. Leveraging their background in technology, shared love of analytics and Vas’s corporate experience in the travel and credit card industry, they developed an algorithm to accurately estimate rewards points earning potential for a wide a range of credit card offers and brands.

Although the original impetus was to better compare frequent flyer credit cards, the pair saw opportunity to extend their technology to the full scope of credit card offers, developing tools to estimate balance transfer and 0% purchase savings, as well as more traditional rewards credit cards. Today, thousands of users are taking advantage of the intuitive side-by-side comparison tools and forecast graphing solutions to find the best credit cards on offer.

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